Credit Repair

1. Request For Your Credit Report

Find out about your credit reports from the top three credit Bureaus. Get to know about what your potential lenders and creditors have to know about you. Know that each of these major credit bureaus have different credit reports about you; so you should get to know about what each of them has to say. In addition to this, you get to have contest the accuracy of your credit reports as may be required, and avail of our credit repair services as needed.

2. Scrutinize and Examine Your Credit Report

While you may be having your credit reports at hand, you may not be able to verify them well leading to inaccurate information about you. With this, you should know that it’s your role to clean up your credit record as it may be fit for the same. After having examined your records, you can call us for a fast credit repair services and start with a clear credit record.

3. Document, and Dispute If Needed

Obtaining your credit reports does not imply throwing them away after getting a heads up on the same. Make sure you document your reports for future reference, and dispute any inaccuracies to accrue to your own benefit in the future. Do not suffer from a bad credit report, or worse, from an erroneous credit report.

4. Be Free From Debt

Reviewing and analyzing your credit reports may only be fruitful if the same should lead you having a spending plan to enable you to pay off your debts. Get in touch with your creditors to device a means to pay off your debts at the rates you can afford. After having done so, you may call us for a credit repair service; allowing you to obtain funds and loans in the future as you may need so.

    Some Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure you do not lose your longer credit history by closing out your latest accounts
  • Over several months, close out accounts
  • After closing an account, make sure that the same is declared “closed by consumer”
  • Maintain a moderate credit limit though your creditors may offer a higher one
  • Avoid revolving balances and keep them low

5. Maintain a Stable Credit File

Maintain a stable credit file and never have to go through a denied credit. Make sure that you come up with a good credit record too. Spend only within that you can afford to avoid trouble in the future. In case it may be too late for that, call us for a credit restoration service and obtain a fresh start.