Identity Theft

Why the Need for Identity Guard?

You may probably have heard about identity thefts and such other security breach committed to persons, most especially now in these days of interactive and mobile world. You know for a fact that your credit transactions are done online; thus, you are always vulnerable to identity theft.

Identity theft prevention is possible though if you have a reliable company to back you up on this cause. Know that we have the latest and most innovative technologies to make sure that you get to protect yourself from identity theft. Do not pay for expenses you have not incurred in nor be involved in transactions you do not know about– protecting yourself from identity theft should be among your priorities.

What We Offer:

  • Identity theft solutions that are trusted by financial institutions around the globe.
  • Top-rated identity and credit monitoring products
  • Response team that’s ready to assist you anytime
  • An identity dashboard customized for you, allowing you to keep track of your credit and account status, and many more.

In availing of our identity theft protection services, you also get alerts regarding your credit transactions and such other suspicious activities in your bank and credit accounts. Along with this, your computer is installed with anti-virus, spyware, malware, keylogging and phising software protection, and many more, ensuring optimum identity security.


Daily Detection

Identity theft prevention begins with being able to keep your personal information as against intruders online or offline. Do not take the risk as you can let go of this concern with our services. We offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection for our every client.

Internet Scan

Most of the id theft these days were committed on the occasion of going online, or undertaking credit and such other financial transactions over the internet. Though this could be a convenient means to get to know more about your financial activities, the same means could post a great threat to you too. With this, avail of our internet scan protection to get the kind of protection that you need.
Buying, selling, and trading has become easier online; often requiring you to provide your personal information over the internet too. Get real time alerts as regards your financial activities online and know how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Address Safeguard

Feel safer and more secured with a protected address. Do not take the risk of having your important emails redirected to another recipient. Gain the assurance that all your correspondence are sent and received by the proper parties. Preventing identity theft means protecting the integrity of your emails as well.

Medical Defense

Why pay for a medical expense that you have not accrued in the first place? Protect yourself from having to pay for another’s medical bills with our identity theft protection services.
Getting to know more about the possible identity thefts that you may fall prey too should give you a better vigilance as against these possible breaches. Protect yourself while you can.